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How can you add airplay to your sound system even without compatibility

by Chung

Understanding the features of Airplay will make you wish to add airplay 2 to your audio setup. This speaker allows you to stream music around your home how you wish. However, the airplay does not work with all devices. But in this guide, you will find a way to use the airplay with your device, whether it is compatible or not.

Purchase the Airport Express Router

Airplay is a model created and launched by Apple, and as you know, Apple products are amazing in their respective functionalities. But this airplay is still an innovation that the company is still working on, and as such, it is not readily available on every device possible. Airplay has many amazing features that will make you attracted even when your device does not permit it. You have two options.

It is either you buy a new device that is compatible with the airplay. This option can be a little expensive as it means you are either getting a MacBook, iPhone, or an Apple TV. The other option is getting the Airport Express. The Airport Express is a portable WiFi router, and when connected with your device, it works well with Airplay. When the Airport Express Router was readily available in stores worldwide, you can get it for less than $50.

However, Apple Inc. Stopped the production of the router, but it is still readily available as a second-hand device. Be careful about the model of Airport Express Router you buy. Ensure your model is the A1264 version of the device because lower models may not work for the Airplay.

Install Airport Express as a WiFi option

The Airport Express, like any other router, will not be found automatically on your device. You will have to install it and find the device. However, the only downside of the Airport Express option is you can only install it on an Apple device. It is either you are using a macOS or the iOS. That is because you will have to add it through the Airport utility app, available only on Apple products. After connecting to the Airport Express, you will need to give your speaker a name. Automatically, the device will restart after you have installed it. There will be a green light indicating the restart and configuration okay after you have it installed.

Buy a suitable audio cable

The router is connected to your phone. But that is only a WiFi connection. The idea is to add it to your audio system. To do this, you will need an audio cable. But for the airport Express Router, the size of the audio cable is necessary. The audio cable should be exactly 3.5mm to work with this router.

Connect the audio cable from the router to your speaker

The aim of buying the cable is to connect it with the speaker. So after confirming your cable to work with the router, you must ensure that it works with the speaker.

Use the source for the airplay speaker on your phone

When you have the connection from your audio speaker to the router, it will show on your device as the option. Play whatever sound you wish to play and set up any audio settings you need on the device.

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