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Roll Forming Machine: The Best Metal Benders

by Chung

Let’s talk about roll forming machines. What is a roll forming machine? It is a machine that fabricates specific configurations out of long stripes of metal, mostly coiled steel. It is also called a metal forming machine. It is designed to bend metal when necessary. It also performs metal working duties like metal cutting etc. It’s a machine that works in a continuous process.

How does a roll forming metal work

A roll forming machine bends metals at room temperature. It doesn’t only bend the metal at room temperature but also bends it using a number of stations where it guides the metal to make the necessary bends. As the strip of metals goes through the roll forming machine, the rollers bend the metal more than the previous station of rollers. The roll forming machine maintains a speed of 30-600 feet per minute. Roll forming machines are good for making large quantities of parts or very long pieces.

Roll forming machines are good in creating precise metal work that require very little finishing work. Sometimes it depends on the metal being worked on but it gives a fine and beautiful finished result.

Stages in using a roll forming machine

Now, we know how it works and how it always brings a beautiful and fine finished work. What are the different parts that make it work.

Entry section

This is the first part/section of the roll forming machine. This is where the metal is loaded. It is normally inserted in a sheet form or fed in a continuous coil

Station rollers

This is where the rolling takes place. This is where the stations we talked about earlier are. The metal starts getting it’s form or shapes as it makes it way to the other sections. Station rollers don’t only shape the metal but are the driving force of the machine.

Cut off press

The metal is cut at the length the person operating it wants. Since we know it’s a continuous machine. It will continue at a speed.

Exit station

The name says it all. This is the last stage of metal bending in the roll forming machine. This is where the finished parts leave the roll forming machine and are manually removed.

Why Should You Get a Roll Forming Machine

We’ve heard so much about the roll forming machine and its processes. We also know it’s used to bend metal into finished work. Why do you get one? As someone who wants to go into metal forming or bending, it’s important to know.

It makes metal work faster

Having a roll forming machine makes work faster and easier. You don’t need to use the old methods to manually bend the metal. All you need to do is put it in the roll forming machine and get it done.

Long service life

Roll forming machines serve for a long time because it’s built to work continuously. With the needed maintenance and done at the right time, you’re guaranteed a longer service life.

It’s precise

Roll forming machines are very precise and effective. It gives the precise length and size of the metal you want without any mistakes.


A roll forming machine is one of the best machines to get when starting a metal business. They give you precise measurement and do not break down easily. It is easy to maintain and use. Not only that, work can be done faster and easier. Roll forming machines come in different sizes, according to the one that suits you.

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