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How to Know the Best Replacement Coils for Uwell Vapes

by Chung

Uwell is one of the most popular vape brands in the world, and for good reason. Their coils are top-quality, and they come in a variety of different styles. But finding the right replacement coil for your vape can be difficult,such as uwell crown.Here are some things to look for when buying replacement coils for your Uwell vape:

Multiple Resistances

Uwell’s tanks come with multiple resistances for each coil type. For example, if you’re using a 0.2-ohm Ni200 coil, there are also 0.5-ohm Ni200 and 1.0-ohm Ni200 options available. This allows you to customize your experience based on how much heat you want to push through your e-liquid and which flavor profile works best for you.

Mesh & Standard

The mesh option was created specifically for thinner e-liquids that don’t require as much heat as standard coils do; however, they can also be used to vape thicker juices because they produce less vapor than standard coils do at high wattages (around 75 watts). Standard coils are ideal for thicker liquids because they produce more vapor than mesh coils at higher temperatures (around 80 watts).

MTL Coils: For Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

A mouth-to-lung (MTL) coil is designed specifically for mouth-to-lung vaping; it delivers the same flavor that would be found in an analog cigarette. The advantage of an MTL coil is that it allows for better airflow control and less battery power consumption than other types of coils do. This means that an MTL coil will last longer before needing replacement than other types of coils.

Plug & Play Design

Some replacement coils have a plug and play design that allows them to be used right out of the box. This means that they don’t require any modification before they can be installed in your vape tank or mod. If you want to save time and money by not having to do any modifications yourself, then this is an important feature that you should look for when shopping around for new coils.

Type of Coil

The regular coil is made out of kanthal wire and it will heat up quickly and burn through juice fast. This type of coil works best with high-VG e-liquid because it needs the thick liquid to keep cool while it’s being vaped on. It also produces a lot more vapor than a mesh coil would while still producing good flavor as well.

Mesh coils are made out of stainless steel or nickel plated stainless steel and they have an average resistance level between 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm with most being around 0.3 ohm depending on what type you buy (some are lower while others are higher). These types of coils work best when paired with a mod that uses sub-ohm vaping like

Check the Gauge of the Coil

The gauge of the coil refers to its thickness. A lower gauge means that it is thicker, while a higher gauge means it is thinner. The gauge is important because it will have an effect on how well the coil heats up, how fast it heats up, and how long it lasts before needing replaced again.


Knowing the best replacement coils for uwell vapes is the brilliant way to add some excitement and pleasure to your vaping experience. By ensuring that you always have a good quantity of the best coils with vape juice, you can keep track of how much liquid your coil has used during each session and replace it when necessary.

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