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How to Maintain Your Ginger Wig and Make it Last Longer

by Chung

Ginger wigs are not only one of the fastest-growing in popularity; they are one of the best wigs out there. Most times, someone with a ginger wig gets your attention very easily, first because of the color of the hair not being the standard color. But what’s more surprising is how the color of the hair looks very natural. Hence, it leaves you debating in your head whether it’s natural human hair or a wig. Many wig lovers want to buy a ginger wig because it is unique, and it makes a statement irrespective of the kind of event you wear it to.

However, a ginger wig is just like any other wig that is prone to damage if not cared for properly. A ginger wig can come as a combination of either a lace front, bob, deep wave, or many more. Now, the cost of a ginger lace front wig will be more than the cost of an ordinary lace front wig of the same quality. The same goes for any other combination of ginger wigs. Because of the high prices of buying a ginger wig, it’s pertinent to maintain and care for it to last longer. Here’s how to properly care for a ginger wig;

Don’t wear it too frequently

If you buy a new car today, it still remains new. If you don’t use the car, some parts may spoil – same with the wig. If you use the car every day also, then most likely, the car will develop some damages over time. The same goes for your ginger wig. Allow your ginger wig to be the classy wig option, not for every occasion. A ginger wig is a beautiful option with a lovely look that can work in any location. However, overwearing the wig will only lead to a short lifespan.

Wash the wig

Washing your ginger wig is an integral part of maintaining its color and beauty. However, this doesn’t mean you should clean the hair every day; you need to wash it optimally, depending on how frequently you wear the hair. If you don’t wear it frequently, maybe cleaning it every two months is a great option. If you wear it frequently, you’ll need to wash it more regularly. You shouldn’t wash the ginger wig like you’re washing a piece of fabric. Get a shampoo that you’re sure doesn’t remove any color and wash gently with your hands or a brush.

Condition Your Wig

After washing the ginger wig, you need to add a good air conditioner to ensure it continues to shine. First, ensure that the conditioner is a good one that wouldn’t spoil the hair. After applying the conditioner, ensure it circulates appropriately and stays on the hair for more than five minutes. After that, ensure you rinse the hair off all conditioners.

Air Dry Wig

We strongly advise that you shouldn’t think of wearing your ginger wig the day you wash them. If you do that, you may want to use a blow dryer to dry it. It will work, but in the long run, your hair will lose its quality. The best thing is to air dry your wig.


Your ginger wig is excellent as long as you can maintain it. With maintenance processes like the one discussed above, you may use your ginger wigs for many years.

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